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Representation for Administrative Proceedings

The Barr & Morgan law firm represents dealer interests before administrative and governmental agencies. Founding partner, Albert J. Barr, currently sits on the Connecticut Underground Storage Tank Review Board and has held that seat since, the UST Board’s creation.

The firm’s Attorneys have represented clients in proceedings related to:
  • Environmental Protection Matters
  • Inland Wetlands Matters
  • Repair Licenses
  • Gasoline Licenses
  • Taxi & Limousine Permits
  • Motor Vehicle Permits
  • Towing

Representative Cases

  • 189 Connecticut Ave., LLC v. Melville Corp., 2009 WL 1537883, (D.Conn.)
  • 189 Connecticut Ave., LLC v. Melville Corp, D.Conn., 3:09cv00260 (Real Property - Rent/Eviction)
  • Bhinder v. Sun Co., Inc., 819 A.2d 822, (Conn. 2003)
  • Bhinder v. Sun Co., Inc., 717 A.2d 202, (Conn. 1998)
  • Bruce, ET AL v. Motiva Enterprises, D.Conn., 3:00cv01831 (Federal Statutes - PMPA)
  • C.C. Mase Inc v. CPD Properties Inc ET AL, D.Conn., 3:08cv01272 (Contracts - Gasoline Franchise)
  • C.C. Mase Inc ET AL v. Motiva Enterprises LLC ET AL, D.Conn., 3:03cv02265 (Federal Statutes - PMPA)
  • Ceraso v. Motiva Ent, LLC, ET AL, C.A.2, Feb. 4, 2002 02-7126 (Federal Statutes - PMPA)
  • Ceraso v. Motiva Ent, LLC, ET AL, D.Conn., 3:01CV00193 (Federal Statutes - PMPA)
  • Ceraso v. Motiva Enterprises, LLC, 326 F.3d 303, (2nd Cir.(Conn 2003)
  • Colony Farms of Colchester Inc v. New England Petroleum LP ET AL, D.Conn., 3:07cv00585 (PMPA Franchise Action)
  • Commissioner v. Kapadwala
  • Dunkin' Donuts Franchised Restaurants LLC ET AL v. Richmond Donut, Inc. ET AL, E.D.N.Y., 1:09cv00898 (Contracts - Franchise)
  • Febus v. Guardian First Funding Group, LLC, S.D.N.Y., 1:10cv02590 (Class action, Labor & Employment)
  • Harper v. Arnold Transportation Svc Inc ET AL, 3:04cv00479 (Torts/Negligence - Personal Injury - Motor Vehicle)
  • Hartford Gas Inc ET AL v. Motiva Ent, LLC ET AL, D.Conn., 3:09cv00070 (Torts/Environmental Law)
  • Hoyt Livery Inc ET AL v. Cherival ET AL, D.Conn., 3:08cv00500 (Intellectual Property - Trademark/Trade Name)
  • Horicka ET AL v. Attorney General ET AL, D.Conn., 3:06cv01839 (Prisoner Rights - Mandamus)
  • Kennynick LLC ET AL v. Standard Petroleum Co, D.Conn., 3:09cv00257 (Class Action Tax Fraud)
  • Kim v. International Nail & Spa Corp. II ET AL, D.Conn., 3:09cv00377 (Contracts)
  • Newbank v. International Nail & Spa Corp. II ET AL, E.D.N.Y1:09cv02106 (Contracts - Negotiable Instrument)
  • Pruitt v. New England Petroleum Ltd. Partnership, 2006 WL 3332773, (D.Conn. 2006)
  • Roll-A-Cover LLC v. Cohen ET AL, D.Conn., 3:09cv01378 (Business dispute - contracts)
  • Rudy's Limousine Service, Inc. v. Dept. of Transp., 826 A.2d 1161, (Conn.App., 2003)
  • Salaman v. BullockK ET AL, D.Conn., 3:05cv00876 (Prisoner Rights - Civil Rights)
  • Spadacinni v. Motiva Enterprises, LLC
  • Tasneen Gas, LL v. CPD Properties LLC ET AL, D.Conn., 3:09cv00308 (PMPA Action)
  • Tishio, John v. Peter J. Boccarrossa, Civil, Contracts, Conn.Super., FST-CV-09-5013034-S (Contracts)
  • Vernal, ET AL v. Amoco Oil, ET AL, C.A.2, 99-9383 (Federal Statutes - PMPA)
  • Vernal, ET AL v. Amoco Oil Company, ET AL, D.Conn., 3:98cv02280 (Federal Statutes - PMPA)
  • Western World Ins. Co. v. Architectural Builders of Westport, LLC, 247 F.R.D. 293, (D.Conn. 2008)
  • Western World Ins. Co. v. Architectural Builders of Westport, LLC, 520 F.Supp.2d 408, (D.Conn. 2007)
  • Western World Ins Co v. Architectural Builders of Westport LLC ET AL, D.Conn., 3:06cv01605 (Contracts - Insurance)


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From the Connecticut Capitol
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