Construction Accidents


Construction sites have more potential hazards than any other environment. For that reason, workers on construction sites are frequently injured. Determining fault can often be much more complicated in construction accidents compared to auto accidents, premises liability cases, and other types of work accidents. Usually there are many more parties involved including owners, general contractors, subcontractors, managers, manufacturers, supervisors, or employees. In addition, there are often several levels of insurance coverage, which may overlap each other.

The numerous hazards on a construction site can oftentimes be eliminated if the general contractor is doing its job properly. The general contractor is generally responsible for hazardous conditions existing on a jobsite.

Not all conditions that pose a hazard on a construction site are recognizable to the workers because they are focused on doing their own specific job and because they are not trained to identify hazardous conditions created by other trades. The general contractor is in a position to recognize those hazards and it is usually their responsibility to remove, repair, or warn the workers on the site of the hazardous conditions. General contractors can be negligent if they fail to identify hazards or fail to correct them and/or warn of them. Their negligence can cause various accidents such as: slip and falls, falls off ledges or beams, trips, electrocution, impalement, even vehicle accidents. Subcontractors are also responsible for accidents where they cause or participate in creating the dangerous condition.

Some of the most common types of construction accidents involve:

  • Construction Accident Falls, Death, Back Injury, Neck Injury & Laceration

  • Construction Injuries

  • Burns, Electrical Shocks, Electrocution

  • Traffic Control, Automobile Collisions at Construction Sites

  • Scaffold or Ladder Collapses, Brain Injury, Head Injury

  • Crane or Lift Accidents

  • Trench Collapses

  • Construction Equipment Injuries, Amputation, Crushing

  • Impalement, Iron Worker & Welding

  • Toxic Exposure, Lead Poisoning, Asbestos

  • Supervisor, Foreman or Safety Violations

  • General Contractors’ Delay, Neglect and Unsafe Acts

  • Wrongful Death Construction Accidents

  • OSHA Violations

  • Fractured Bones, Surgery and Joint Replacement

In construction accident cases, you will usually need an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law, construction law, insurance law and personal injury law. You may also need assistance with products liability and disability law. At Barr & Morgan, we have over 66 years of combined experience to help you recover.

We know that early investigative work is critical before the construction project is completed so that photographs can be taken, interviews of workers can be conducted, and the responsible contractors can be identified. Our law firm will start investigating the accident immediately in order to preserve your legal rights. There is no fee for an initial consultation for construction accidents, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us.


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