Recovering Your Non-Economic Damages


No one likes to complain. Many times, our clients do not want to be a “victim”. We get it. There is a big difference between abusing the system and making frivolous claims, and recovering benefits that you are entitled to.

If someone injures you or a loved one through his or her negligence, you are not abusing the system by filing a claim. You are exercising your right to demand that those around you take steps to make sure that they are not injuring other people. A negligence claim will not be successful unless the person against whom the claim is made is at fault. Many times, a combination of factors results in injuries. Many people may be at fault. Sorting through these matters is what we do.

In other countries, the government may take care of everyone injured by any means. That is not how we do it in Connecticut. Our government insists that where someone is at fault for an injury that they should be responsible not everyone else. That is why insurance is in place to provide fair compensation for economic and non-economic damages following preventable accidents and injuries. You probably carry insurance to protect yourself. So should everyone else.

If you have been injured because of another’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive compensation for:

  • Future medical expenses

  • Past & future wage loss

  • Diminished future earning capacity

  • Pain & suffering

  • Expenses for hiring assistance to accomplish the activities of daily living

  • Loss of vocation

  • Loss of consortium

Many clients initially focus on receiving compensation mainly for medical expenses. There is always more to an injury case than expenses. If someone has paid an insurance company premium for years to protect themselves against an injury, obviously they should seek the money they need and deserve?

To further discuss your right to pursue and receive compensation and non-economic damages following a serious injury, contact our office for a no-charge consultation.


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